StartOut Australia

Reaching my Potential and Inspiring Others


Recently formed NGO, StartOut Australia, came to us with a brief to create an online mentoring platform for young Diverse Sexuality and Gender (DSG) people. We had two weeks to research, design, prototype and test a product for them.

Research Discoveries

We conducted an online survey, interviews and comparative and competitive research. This revealed that a number of white-labeled tools exist for managing mentor/coach relationships online, so rather than developing this functionality from scratch a third-party solution could be implemented to keep costs down. We also discovered that the target audience would find it difficult to commit to an on-going mentoring style relationship in this context – fears about anonymity and uncertainty about what questions to ask were common.


We proposed a responsive website with targeted, credible content, personal stories from ‘role model’ DSG figures and a ‘web chat’ facility for communication with these role models. We designed, tested and delivered a mobile prototype in addition to a content strategy document on completion of the project. The project was presented to the clients and other stakeholders in a half hour presentation.

My Role

My role was as Project Lead, so I managed communications with the client and ensured that our project was delivered according to plan. I was involved in all parts of the UX process, including research, content strategy, prototyping, user testing and documentation. The clients and other stakeholders were thrilled that we had been able to progress their project in such a short time.

“Viveka was an asset to our project team. Taking the lead and bringing fantastic ideas to the table, Viveka was able to balance time constraints with project requirements and helped the project team to surpass our expectations. We would highly recommend Viveka as a part of any team”

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